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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Promote a Landing Page or Website? -Zero Cost Techniques

The idea is to drive traffic to your site for free and all these techniques work well for any niches. In addition, you will get targeted traffic to your page so you are more likely to make money online. In this post, you will know:

>How to create a quick promo video

>Things that you can do in forum

>How to structure an ad on classified ad sites

So let’s we go through to our zero cost marketing methods as below:

Note: You can use a landing page to collect your email lists or make product reviews or test your business idea before making big investments or etc.

Drive Free Targeted Traffic using Promo Videos (Recommended)

Video marketing is a good method to get free traffic because the video site such as Youtube is ranking quite well for particular keywords. Nowadays, you can easily make a promo video and upload it to Youtube and get rank in minutes. But, you must remember if you apply the wrong keywords, your video can’t achieve good ranking and you will fail to make sales. In this part, you will learn;

Real also: History of Youtube.

>How to grab the right keywords for video titles and tags.

>How to make a good description box.

>How to make a promo video.

>How to promote your video.

Step by step to create a video clip as below: (Note: I assume you have found the right products to sell online. For a beginner, I do not encourage you to use this method if your niches relate to Internet Marketing and Business/Investment categories because they are too competitive and only pro marketer can do well).

Step 1: Grab the right keywords for video titles and tags.

To gather the good keywords for your video campaign, you can use Google Autocomplete and Google Trends. These tools are good enough to form high value titles, tags and content description. (Note: If you create a video with high keyword competition, you can use Jaaxy to find the perfect combinations of keywords).

So let’s we go through to our example, let’s say you choose ‘job interviews’ as your niche, just type your main keyword in Google search and you can see the most busily searched keywords as below:
Google Autocomplete Search

Then, you scroll down the Google search page and you will get a group of related keywords as a figure below:
job interview secrets keywords

The other good keyword search source you can use is Google Trends. Just type your keywords and then, scroll down the page. Then, you will see the related searches keywords that you can use for your video campaign as below:
keyword search using google trends

Then, copy and paste all the keywords on Word/Notepad and choose the best and relevant keywords for your future campaign. Now, you can prepare your list of keywords and start creating titles for your video. In addition, you can combine some keywords to create relevant titles. (Note: Later you must rename your created video file with the keyword title)
Steps 2: Writing description box contents.

To achieve high video ranking on video sites, you should consider writing a long content in a description box. In addition, video site like Youtube can recognize quality content to rank the videos. Regarding on the contents, you can write about the product info, benefits and etc., followed by a list of your keywords. Besides, if you provide valuable content to your viewer, your chance to make a sale is high. (Note: To attract your viewer attention, you can also introduce a problem and solution to the problem, which is the product you are promoting. In addition, don’t forget to put your site link in description box).

Step 3: Making 2 minutes promo video.

Before you can start to create a promo video for any product, you need to prepare materials like images, texts and audio. If you are promoting the other merchants’ products, you can get the images and texts from their sales page site and then, edit them before you put them in video slideshows. (Note: Don’t use any copyrighted images or logos to avoid video content removed or maybe your account will be deleted by video sites especially Youtube site).

In addition, you can get free audio tracks from Youtube or you can also download them from the other sites. Keep in your mind, use relevant audio in your video slideshows and avoid annoying soundtracks. Now, you have all materials that you need for your video campaign, you can use Windows Movie Maker (WMM) to add your selected materials in a video clip and make simple animations for each frame. (Note: Don’t forget to inform to your viewer to visit your site at the beginning of the slideshow).

Besides, you can also make two or more video clips with different keyword titles name to increase the number of videos to your channel. But you must remember you will need to change video contents either you add new or remove the images/info and change the audio soundtrack to avoid penalizing by video sites. (Tips: If you want to get a clear picture of how video content is structured, you can refer to top videos ranking on Youtube and learn from them). Then, upload your videos to video sites.

Step 4: Promote your videos.

To achieve good videos ranking, you can use Ping Farm (free ping tool service) to ping your new videos URLs and quickly notify the search engines. In addition, you can also promote your targeted video promotion on Facebook, Twitter and etc. (Tips: Don’t use your personal Twitter/FB account to promote your products, you need to create a new account and get your niche group) 

Posting with Landing Page Link as Signatures in Forum

Posting to forum or discussion board is a highly recommended way that you can do to start promoting your site to the niche groups. To find the forum about your niche is very easy, go to Google search and then, type ‘your niche + forum’. That’s all. But, please make sure to check the forum terms, rules and guidelines before you join or make a post. In addition, you should know what is allowed and what is not to avoid deleting your account by forum owner.

Once you sign up to forums, go to your profile and edit your signatures. Remember, your signatures will be shown within forum post once you have reached the minimum number of posts you must make (Note: Read forum rules or guidelines in advance). For example, v7n allows you to put your signatures within your posts once you make a minimum of 50 posts.

The best thing about discussion board or forum is that folks are searching for the answer to their problems. So, this is your chance to offer something that can help forum members to solve the issues. In addition, you need to deliver valuable content to them and become a contributor. Besides, you can also make a new thread and share your knowledge with the other members so people will recognize you. Below is a list of forums that allow you to leave your signatures in your post:

v7n,,,, warriorforum

Below are examples of signature texts that you can use to attract members to click your site links, like these:

Other Useful Method:

Classified Ads or Free Ads Services (Not the best but still useful method)

The other useful way to drive free traffic to your site is submitting an ad to online classified ad sites (Note: You only get some traffic to your site). You can use your target keywords within the ad and get it ranked in search engine easily. In addition, you should focus on helping people to solve their problems and providing them the best solution. Here is a structure of the ad that you can apply when creating the ad on the classified ad:

Headline: Of course, you need to use a powerful headline to grab people attention. If you never attract folks’ attention to begin with, you will fail to make money online and no one will care about your ad.

Building interest: You can introduce a problem and solution to the problem, followed by your product description (product review).

Benefits: Provide a list of product benefits and the expected outcome.

Call to action: Asking people to take action. For example, ‘Click Here to Learn the Secrets Making Thousands of Dollars per Month’ (put your landing page link).

Here is a list of classified ad sites that you can use to promote your pages (Note: Be sure you choose the right categories before making and submitting the ad. In addition, be sure you read their terms and condition before creating an account. Some sites they might have changed their policies and you should note about this):


For more advanced and latest marketing methods and strategies (PPC, Email Marketing and more), you can join my community and sign up for free here.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to Build an Effective Review-Style Landing Page?

There are lots of landing page styles out there and most of the marketers use it for the different purpose. In this post, I will show you how to structure a review style landing page effectively that convert to a sale. Before that, what is a landing page? A landing page is a simple or a single web page that you send your visitors to click on your ad. In addition, it is used to capture leads or grab the potential customers’ attention to the products or services that you are attempting to sell to them through your affiliate link.

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The review style landing page consists of the product reviews, business information, feature comparisons and call-to-action links to the retailer website. Why do we need to use this style of a landing page? The reason is people will do a research before they buy something online. So, as an affiliate marketer, you can provide product reviews and comparisons in order to help them to choose the best available products retail online and save their time on researching the products. But, if you can’t provide them with quality reviews, you will fail to make any single sale.

So, how to build an effective review style landing page that turns traffic into sales? Below are the important elements should be included in a review:

Relevant Headline

The first things the people see when they visit your site. It usually determines either your audiences will stay on your site to continue reading or not. Make sure you use the keywords that they used to reach to your page.

Note: Make a page that contains only 3 or less than 10 products reviews to get more conversions.

A Product Review Parts

1) Short Description:

A short description will deliver a summary of the product. You need to provide the info like the product offers, pro, cons and your individual product recommendation. In addition, if you are not sure how to write the product description, you can refer to Firebox site. Remember, use your own words and do not copy from the other sites.

2) Product Rating:

Rate the products based on the overall rating, support, ease-to-use and other related aspects. In addition, it also useful to place the best product on top of your page because it lets your audiences know that the product is exactly the best compared to the other products. So, the chances to make sales are high. But, if you can’t provide them which one is a winner, you will miss a chance to sell the product and they may go to other sources to find more info.

3) Images:

You should put the reasonable images on your landing page that relate to the business or services you are promoting. For example, the images like money, successful people, payment proof and etc. are suitable for make money products.

4) Call-to-action (CTA):

Use ‘Call-to-action’ words like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Visit Site’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Continue Reading’ and etc. to encourage people to go to resellers sites through your affiliate link. In addition, please make sure to add 2 or 3 CTAs for each product that you review to increase your chances to make sales.

Important notes

~~ Make sure to highlight the key point at the page header and make it clear. This is a good way to prevent your visitors from leaving your page.

~~ Keep your short descriptions less than 100 words for each review and make the first product review is visible without scrolling the page.

~~ Remember, your goal is to assist your audiences to make the buying choices.

The Examples of a Review Style Landing Page

Click here to get a clear picture how it looks like. There is one thing needs to be improved, like this: Rating – Use the numbers instead of a smaller image. For example, rate the products overall as the number 5, 4 or etc. based on their attributes. It should be clearly and easily seen by your visitors.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Boost Website Conversion Rates? –Part 2

Ways to increase the website conversion rates (CR) as below:

Create a mailing list

This is a great way to get a direct connection with your audiences and increase your sales. You can use free auto responder like MailChimps to collect your mailing list.

Use attractive ad banner or video

You can add an animated banner on your site to grab people’s attention. In addition, you can also add a video to make your website more interesting. You can use a web-based tool like Animoto, TubeMogul and etc. to create a quick video.   

Product or service description

The product description depends on what kinds of product you are promoting. For example, if you promote a physical item like shoes, your product description should be included with a size, colour, material and etc. In addition, make sure you provide good and clear pictures for each item and make it easy for your reader to see. Furthermore, if you promote a digital product like e-book or services, you should focus on benefits, not features.

Use bullet point

Make sure to use a list with bullets that point to the important thing like product benefits. It can make your page easier to read.

Suggest the related product

For example, if you promote an email marketing e-book, you can add a suggestion for the other product like marketing tools that can help them to optimise their marketing campaign.

Tracking tool

You can use a free tracker tool like Google Analytic to analyse the data of your website. This tool allows you to track web page hits, where your audiences come from and so on. All these information can help you to optimise your website.   

Do keyword research

In order to get your page get ranked easier in search engines, you should apply good keywords into your page. You should focus on the number of searches per month, traffic, quality of keywords, the number of competitors and SEO score. Jaaxy can help you to find high-quality keywords that you need for your business. Click here to read a Jaaxy review or visit Jaaxy homepage.

Revise your posts

Make sure to check the spelling and avoid typos. Wrong spellings make your audiences stay away from you.

Make sure to highlight your links

Use different text colour and let them know that the text can be clicked on to the other page.

Test your affiliate link

Make sure your affiliate link is working and it shows your username or your affiliate ID number.


Use call-to-action words like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Continue Reading’, ‘Download Now’ and etc. In addition, you can also change the text types, font size, colour and so on to bring peoples’ attention to the words.  


The best way to demonstrate how your business idea works or how the product can be used using your own infographic design. In addition, a good design will make people interested to visit your site and it can help your pages get ranked well in search engines. You can use social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and etc. to share your design. Besides, you can use a free tool to create a custom infographic design like Piktochart.      


Best social platform to find people in your niche and build your lists. To build a good relationship with your followers, you need to introduce yourself first and say thank you to them for following you. In addition, don’t forget to tweet useful information that can help them to solve their problems. Remember, you should focus on making a relationship with them first before you can start to promote your product.   


Try to focus on building a relationship with your niche groups first before you offer any products to them. Leave a comment on their wall posts and share something interesting to them. In addition, you also can use the application like ‘Survey/Poll’ to get the info or opinion from Facebook members. It allows you to know what the other people are thinking out there.

Customer Testimonials

Place customer testimonials on your website and lets your audiences know what the other people say about your product. People will feel better to buy the products or services from you if the other person shows a positive feedback.

Thank you for spending your time here and I hope all this information can help you to boost the conversion rates of your pages.

How to Boost Website Conversion Rates? –Part 1

Conversion rate (CR), what does it mean? The conversion rate is the number of hits your site receives that convert to a sale. Let say, if 100 visitors visit your site in one month and 1 person bought a product, so, you have a 1% CR. There are lots of things you can do to boost your website conversion rates like these:

Introduce yourself

Just tell about yourself, experiences, past history and give more detailed info about your blog contents especially what kind of products or services you are promoting. The “About Us” page is a way to attract folks to visit your website and it is very helpful to build a connection between you and your audiences.

Your website should include with privacy policy

A ‘Privacy Policy’ page is very important to ensure folks know their personal info is secure and will not be sold to a third party. It should be easy to understand and easy to read.    

Website layout

Layout and colour: If a background colour is white, you should use a dark font and do not apply the background colour that clash with the font colour. Make sure your audiences can read your website contents. In addition, you can also do colour theme research to find the colour that matches with your business type or a view that you want to show to your audiences. For example, you can use blue colour to symbolise a confidence, professionalism, loyalty and peace.      

Website templates or themes

Use SEO friendly themes and mobile responsive themes. Nowadays, the number of smartphone users has increased and you should aware about this.

Make your website easy to navigate

Create the menu into sections based on the topics that you want to share with your audiences. In addition, you can also place the label widget, category widget, tags and etc. either on the left side or right side or at the bottom of your website.

Post Headline

The first thing the folks see when they reach your site. To attract people attention, make sure the headline is interesting, valuable and unique. In addition, you only have 3 to 10 seconds to grab people’s attention before they decide to exit the page. Remember, there are three main components to create a powerful headline like these; i. Ask a question to your visitor. This is a way to attract the visitors’ attention and encourage them to read your page contents, ii. Give an introduction about your page. For example, you can provide a doubt by saying that they may lose something important if they are not taking any actions, and iii. Give a benefit.

Headline examples:

Offer coupon or discount or free gift

Offer an incentive can help you to boost a sale. A discount or coupon code allows your customers to get some percentage off of the total product purchase they pay. This is a good way to encourage people to buy the product and then, increase conversion rates.

Be partner with a good company

Join affiliate program or network that can give satisfaction to you. A good affiliate program provides training and support in order to help you to promote their products or services. In addition, you also get paid on a timely. Furthermore, you should do some research either the product or service meets customer needs or not. Don’t forget to check the company reputation either good or bad.

Join forum community

The best way to find the niche groups who have interested in your products or services. Most people are looking for the answers to their problems and you should take this chance to promote yourself. What you need to do is, post valuable contents include with your link.

Click here to read part 2.