Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Boost Website Conversion Rates? –Part 2

Ways to increase the website conversion rates (CR) as below:

Create a mailing list

This is a great way to get a direct connection with your audiences and increase your sales. You can use free auto responder like MailChimps to collect your mailing list.

Use attractive ad banner or video

You can add an animated banner on your site to grab people’s attention. In addition, you can also add a video to make your website more interesting. You can use a web-based tool like Animoto, TubeMogul and etc. to create a quick video.   

Product or service description

The product description depends on what kinds of product you are promoting. For example, if you promote a physical item like shoes, your product description should be included with a size, colour, material and etc. In addition, make sure you provide good and clear pictures for each item and make it easy for your reader to see. Furthermore, if you promote a digital product like e-book or services, you should focus on benefits, not features.

Use bullet point

Make sure to use a list with bullets that point to the important thing like product benefits. It can make your page easier to read.

Suggest the related product

For example, if you promote an email marketing e-book, you can add a suggestion for the other product like marketing tools that can help them to optimise their marketing campaign.

Tracking tool

You can use a free tracker tool like Google Analytic to analyse the data of your website. This tool allows you to track web page hits, where your audiences come from and so on. All these information can help you to optimise your website.   

Do keyword research

In order to get your page get ranked easier in search engines, you should apply good keywords into your page. You should focus on the number of searches per month, traffic, quality of keywords, the number of competitors and SEO score. Jaaxy can help you to find high-quality keywords that you need for your business. Click here to read a Jaaxy review or visit Jaaxy homepage.

Revise your posts

Make sure to check the spelling and avoid typos. Wrong spellings make your audiences stay away from you.

Make sure to highlight your links

Use different text colour and let them know that the text can be clicked on to the other page.

Test your affiliate link

Make sure your affiliate link is working and it shows your username or your affiliate ID number.


Use call-to-action words like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Continue Reading’, ‘Download Now’ and etc. In addition, you can also change the text types, font size, colour and so on to bring peoples’ attention to the words.  


The best way to demonstrate how your business idea works or how the product can be used using your own infographic design. In addition, a good design will make people interested to visit your site and it can help your pages get ranked well in search engines. You can use social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and etc. to share your design. Besides, you can use a free tool to create a custom infographic design like Piktochart.      


Best social platform to find people in your niche and build your lists. To build a good relationship with your followers, you need to introduce yourself first and say thank you to them for following you. In addition, don’t forget to tweet useful information that can help them to solve their problems. Remember, you should focus on making a relationship with them first before you can start to promote your product.   


Try to focus on building a relationship with your niche groups first before you offer any products to them. Leave a comment on their wall posts and share something interesting to them. In addition, you also can use the application like ‘Survey/Poll’ to get the info or opinion from Facebook members. It allows you to know what the other people are thinking out there.

Customer Testimonials

Place customer testimonials on your website and lets your audiences know what the other people say about your product. People will feel better to buy the products or services from you if the other person shows a positive feedback.

Thank you for spending your time here and I hope all this information can help you to boost the conversion rates of your pages.

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