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Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to Get More Direct Referrals for PTC Sites? - Part 1

Create a website or blog

Create your own website or blog is a better option for you to get direct referrals or build your own lists because it’s easy for you to manage your own affiliate links and you can also control everything that you like. But, you must do keywords research first to find a perfect domain name. For example, online jobs, paid to click, extra income online, fast money online and etc. You need a keyword research tool to choose which one is a better choice. Basically, people will look at low competition keywords, QSR is lower than 200.
Here, some tips I want to share with you how to create good website contents in general; i. Do the keyword research for your blog contents, ii. Not copying content from the other website, iii. Add old post links to new posts, iv. Link your posts to relevant external pages, v. Do not use irrelevant keywords in your URLs, vi. Use relevant keywords for the image, vii. Add ‘alt’ tag description for the image and vii. Make sure your image size is small.
Note: Templates or themes chosen also important to make your website be friend with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

Do e-mail marketing

Why email marketing is so very important for you? Because it lets you having a direct connection with the people who are interested in your niche. First of all, you need the autoresponder to collect and send an e-mail to your subscribers.
Once you have your own lists, you can maintain or gets more traffic to your sites. In addition, you can easily promote the other PTC sites or related products or the other money making programs to your lists. (Note: Not all autoresponders providers approved the contents of 'Make Money Online' blog, some of them need you to verify your website domain first before you can use their services)

Promote your ‘how to make money online’ website in the forum.

Join ‘Do follow’ forum like v7n, Deviantart and etc. You will receive lots of traffic to your website if you share a valuable knowledge there. Be active, constantly updating 1 or 2 posts every day and respond to the comments thread. (Note: Do not forget to place your signature in your post).         

Create a splash page for your website.

A splash page is a tool or simple web page to grab public’s attention. It usually includes the text lines, pictures and ‘call to action’ link that leads to your site. You need to design eye-catching splash page and state the simple information to your visitors to acquire more information details and then, they will go to your site if they interested in your topic. However, you need a hosting in order to get its view on the internet. But, do not worry, you can sign up to Adkreator to create your own splash pages and their servers will host for you.        

Promote your website on social media.

Be friends on social media. Tell your friends about your website and post or tweet the valuable contents on social media. Give them some information why they should join the program.

Be friends with other bloggers.

Visit other bloggers site and put the relevant information on their site comments. Give your opinion and share the valuable knowledge to the others. Do not place your affiliate link on the site comments because bloggers don’t like it.

Yahoo Answer

Search for the public questions that related to your niche and share your opinion include with your link posts.

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