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Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to Build an Effective Review-Style Landing Page?

There are lots of landing page styles out there and most of the marketers use it for the different purpose. In this post, I will show you how to structure a review style landing page effectively that convert to a sale. Before that, what is a landing page? A landing page is a simple or a single web page that you send your visitors to click on your ad. In addition, it is used to capture leads or grab the potential customers’ attention to the products or services that you are attempting to sell to them through your affiliate link.

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The review style landing page consists of the product reviews, business information, feature comparisons and call-to-action links to the retailer website. Why do we need to use this style of a landing page? The reason is people will do a research before they buy something online. So, as an affiliate marketer, you can provide product reviews and comparisons in order to help them to choose the best available products retail online and save their time on researching the products. But, if you can’t provide them with quality reviews, you will fail to make any single sale.

So, how to build an effective review style landing page that turns traffic into sales? Below are the important elements should be included in a review:

Relevant Headline

The first things the people see when they visit your site. It usually determines either your audiences will stay on your site to continue reading or not. Make sure you use the keywords that they used to reach to your page.

Note: Make a page that contains only 3 or less than 10 products reviews to get more conversions.

A Product Review Parts

1) Short Description:

A short description will deliver a summary of the product. You need to provide the info like the product offers, pro, cons and your individual product recommendation. In addition, if you are not sure how to write the product description, you can refer to Firebox site. Remember, use your own words and do not copy from the other sites.

2) Product Rating:

Rate the products based on the overall rating, support, ease-to-use and other related aspects. In addition, it also useful to place the best product on top of your page because it lets your audiences know that the product is exactly the best compared to the other products. So, the chances to make sales are high. But, if you can’t provide them which one is a winner, you will miss a chance to sell the product and they may go to other sources to find more info.

3) Images:

You should put the reasonable images on your landing page that relate to the business or services you are promoting. For example, the images like money, successful people, payment proof and etc. are suitable for make money products.

4) Call-to-action (CTA):

Use ‘Call-to-action’ words like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Visit Site’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Continue Reading’ and etc. to encourage people to go to resellers sites through your affiliate link. In addition, please make sure to add 2 or 3 CTAs for each product that you review to increase your chances to make sales.

Important notes

~~ Make sure to highlight the key point at the page header and make it clear. This is a good way to prevent your visitors from leaving your page.

~~ Keep your short descriptions less than 100 words for each review and make the first product review is visible without scrolling the page.

~~ Remember, your goal is to assist your audiences to make the buying choices.

The Examples of a Review Style Landing Page

Click here to get a clear picture how it looks like. There is one thing needs to be improved, like this: Rating – Use the numbers instead of a smaller image. For example, rate the products overall as the number 5, 4 or etc. based on their attributes. It should be clearly and easily seen by your visitors.

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