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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate Benefits, Cons, Tips for Beginner and Final Thought

People are praising Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to make money online nowadays, but there are few things you should know before you join Wealthy Affiliate community. Keep calm and continue reading. In this post, you will know what I like and dislike about Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an online business group or community that provides the lessons how to build a successful online business according to your own desires. Besides, they are also providing the tools and supports in order to help you to optimize your business.

Potential monthly income: $100 - $1k++
Cashout: PayPal  

Benefits for Joining Wealthy Affiliate

What you get for joining Wealthy Affiliate? There are lots benefits you get from the training program, tools and their services. Let’s take a look one by one:

1 Allow you to gain knowledge in affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, blogging and much more.

2 Allow you to build blogs, sale pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, e-commerce website and etc. using WordPress platform.

3 Allow you to host your website with the most secure hosting.

4 Allow you to change traffic into money. You can make money online with different ways, like these; affiliate products/services, Google Adsense, domain flipping, PPC and much more.

5 Allow you to meet the expert marketers in a particular industry. They will guide you how to create a successful online business and maximize your earning.

6 Allow you to earn cash credits and exchange the credits for cash. You can create your own training, share it with the other members and get your credits. In addition, you can also get cash credits if your referrals buy a domain through Wealthy Affiliate domain services.

7 Allow you to help the other members and become a top contributor.

What else? Much more.

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

Private message: What I dislike about WA is delayed reply message from WA founders and I need to wait for 2-3 days to get their response.  

Live supports: Because of delay reply message, I think they should extend the period of live support to 2-3 weeks more for the starter members.

Lots of training courses: As a beginner, you may be eager to gather all the information within Wealthy Affiliate. But, lots of resources make you dizzy, confuse and you need more time to digest all of them. You must have a proper plan to save your time and money.

Affiliate BootCamp: Honestly, it’s not easy to make money with Affiliate BootCamp, the reasons are; i. High competition in the same niche, ii. Not all your referrals willing to pay a premium membership for next few months and they can close their account at any time, iii. If your referrals didn’t take any action, you can’t get paid. So, I recommend you to focus on online entrepreneur training courses, then stay in touch with the expert marketers and slowly you structure your plan.

SiteRubix: For starter members, you are not allowed to add extra plugins to Siterubix platform unless you upgrade your account to a premium membership. So, you can’t use it with maximum potential. But, you can still make money online if you have the right product to promote.

50 websites for premium members: Honestly, 50 websites are not enough, especially for affiliates who actively promote the products or services using landing pages. As alternative ways, you can use Facebook fan pages, Hub Pages, a free hosting site like blogger and etc. to promote your products.

Wealthy Affiliate suitable for…

Everyone can make money online with Wealthy Affiliate except for those who are impatient.

The Right Process to Make Money Online

Best Ways to Earn Money Online

In this part, I will show you what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. The key is the basic understanding how the idea works. Below the process how to earn cash online:

Step 1: Remember, don’t look at your interest only but you also need to know what the other people interested as well. The key is you need to help people to make buying decisions. Before you start to create your website, follow the steps below:

i) Find you niche idea. (Note: Look at product trends nowadays)

ii) Select your niche. (Note: Use Google Instant and narrow down a niche using Jaaxy)

iii) Evaluate your niche. (Note: Use Google Trends to get a big picture about the market growth)

iv) Evaluate market demand. (Note: Use Jaaxy to get the data like the number of searches per month, traffic and the number of competition for the keywords. In addition, you also can use Google Trends to find the top countries and cities that are searching for the keywords)

v) Evaluate your competitors. (Note: Use Jaaxy to spy your competitors. Login to Jaaxy and click ‘Search Analysis’. Then, enter your keyword)

Step 2: Build your website.

i) You can create a blog, landing page, sale page, e-commerce website and etc. using Siterubix platform. (Note: If you are affiliate marketer, you can create a landing page and then, ask your visitors to go the merchant page through your affiliate links)

ii) Setting all plugins.

iii) Choose SEO friendly themes, mobile responsive theme and etc.

Step 3: Drive traffic to your site.

i) Find your niche groups on Twitter, forum, Facebook and etc.

ii) Use PPC advertising.

iii) Use paid social ads.

Step 4: Now, you can see the result either good or bad. Honestly, if you are the beginner in this industry, you need to spend 3 to 6 months or maybe a year working on your site. But, some people only take less than 2 months to make money. It depends on the following factors like the number of competitors, market demand, product trust, your relationship with your niche groups, efforts and etc.

Note: If I want to promote the other products in different niches, I prefer to create a landing page instead of a blog to save my time. In addition, you can also use a landing page to test your product idea either good or not for your business before you can create a blog or e-commerce website.

Click here how to structure a review-style landing page.

Training and Tools Overview

WA Training: Their training well organized with the current information that you need. The training is suitable for beginner, intermediate and expert marketers. The training components, including live video classes in weekly, Q&A periods, specific classrooms topics, discussions, video and tutorial teaching, and tasks for each learning course topics. The instructions are easy to understand and all information given can help you to gain your knowledge in internet marketing.

Tools and Services: WA provides a website builder that, can bring huge benefit to you in terms of SEO. As a starter member, they give you two free website builders that can you use it to build your first website, and don’t hesitate to get feedback from WA experts’ comments on your site. It’s good for you to improve your website contents. If you upgrade to premium membership, you own 25 domain names and extra 25 SiteRubix websites. In addition, WA will also host your websites with most secure web hosting and you no need to worry about domain hijacking. Premium members also can access thousands of Wordpress themes and you can choose which one you like.

One of the best keyword research tool known as Jaaxy, read Jaaxy review here. It’s so easy to understand and you will get all information include a keyword monthly searches receives, the number of visits if you achieve first page ranking in search engine, the number of competing websites for exact keyword (less is better), keyword quality indicator and SEO score based traffic (higher is better). All these information will help you to improve your pages ranking on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

How Much It Cost?

You can be as a free member for forever as you wish except for countries like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt and Philippines due to deceitful cases from those countries. They can still join WA but as a premium member.

For you to get full access training courses, you need to upgrade to premium membership. They give you a special first month 61% discount offer and you can try your first premium membership for only $19, then $49 thereafter.

My Score and Final Thought

There is nothing wrong with WA and their service is good. But, once you join WA, you must have a proper plan to avoid you to lose your money because you need to spend $49 for next few months. In addition, you need to focus on a specific topic only to save your time.

Honestly, I really enjoy becoming a part of WA family. To be successful in online business, you need lots of support from many of people and WA allows you to communicate with all members with various types of support; live chat, private message, discussions and Q&A. You will never walk alone once you join WA community. Trust me.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 (Totally Legit Site)

Owner: Kyle and Carson.

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