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Sunday, November 6, 2016

How to Find the Product Ideas or Niche Idea?

Don’t have any ideas what kinds of products to sell or promote online? Are you still searching and you are a dead-end thinking about it? Don’t worry, there are lots of sources you can refer as below and I hope you will get the ideas and inspiration before you can start a business like these:

Sit down on chair and watch the TV

To get the product ideas and inspiration, you can watch the TV news or reality TV show like Shark Tank or TV shopping programme. Every day, when I watch the TV news, I always heard most of graduates fail to get the jobs. So, you need to think why they fail to get the jobs. Are they can’t answer the interview questions? Or, Are they lack of knowledge to face the interview sessions for the first time? If you are affiliate marketer, you can promote the e-book in ‘jobs interviews’ niche. You need to find the product that can solve the people problems and bring benefits to the others. In addition, if you want to sell your own product, you can do so. You can add the extra features on the e-book like audio, translation, video or anything you like. You should look at the different ways how your product can be used and new markets for it.  

Home-grown Community

Get closer to your community and look around you. Then, make a list of products and choose which one looks interesting and fresh. Nowadays, most of people talk about an organic food and they really love it. Let say, in your community there is a local popular cookie or dish, why not you make your own recipe by adding the organic ingredients and make it healthier. Then, turn it into an online business opportunity.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.

Most of people like to share what they like on social media. Not just what they like, but the problems they are facing in their lives. From that, you will get the idea what kinds of products you want to sell or promote online. In addition, you can also get the ideas from the Facebook product page, Facebook group and etc. You should take a look at the number of FB page’s likes and choose a high demand product but less competition. Furthermore, you need a keyword research tool to search for the keyword to identify how many competitors are competing for the product and related keywords. The sites like Instagram and Pinterest are also the best way for exploring the product ideas by viewing the pictures contain fresh, trending, popular and fascinating consumer stuff.

Visit Springwise website

Springwise is one of popular online consumer trends publications nowadays. This is a good site for you to search new business ideas and inspiration, trends, and successful stories. In addition, Springwise allows you to travel around the world and maybe you can find something interesting that can be brought into online business opportunities and a new market for it.

Visit e-commerce website

The other way to find niche idea is, explore e-commerce websites or popular online marketplaces like Alibaba, ebay, Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, AliExpress and etc. There are millions of products in different niches you will be exposed from there and you can find the most trending and popular products in different categories.       

Join Reddit Social Forum Groups

Reddit is a biggest social media news collector. You can find thousands of niches in different categories and topics you may interest to explore more like sport, gaming, entrepreneur, movies and etc. This site is good for you to find product ideas and inspiration by joining a part of sub-reddits group. As a beginner in the internet marketing industry, you should read the fascinating post like this, I made on average $317/month in passive income last year from two niche sites with the Amazon Associate program”. This post exposes you the basic guide how to make money online with the Amazon site. If you are looking to earn thousands dollars per month, Wealthy Affiliate is the best for you. In addition, please make sure to reach the topics like these, ‘the best of Amazon’, ‘Amazon cheap stuff’, ‘the best of Amazon Canada’ and etc.   

Visit Product Review Blogs

There are lots of sources you can get from the product review blogs. For example, Firebox site exposes you lots of cool stuff in different categories and you can check top 50 products from there.     

Follow the Right Person

How to find the right person for your business? You can use a social media tool like getlittlebird to search the influencer online for a specific market. The influencers are people who have thousands of followers on a specific topic and you will get lots of benefits from them. In addition, you can also reach Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate to help you to find the product ideas based on your interest and grow your online business.

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