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Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Grow The Email Lists?

You should be more creative to grab peoples’ attention and make it easy for your visitors to sign-up. You need a simple email sign-up box as you spot on other people’s websites and the most important thing is where you should place it, is it on all around places of your website with various sign-up forms? It’s absolutely not.

Best Spot to Put Sign-up Box on Website

Choose one only, here are the best spots to take into account:-
>> On the website or blog header.
>> Website sidebar.
>> About me page.
>> Inside blog posts.
>> Website footer.
>> Pop-up form. (Note: SumoMe provides you a pop-up tool to assist you to grow your email lists when the visitors visit your site)

Boost Email Lists with These Tricks

So, how to get more sign-ups and then, make many sales? Follow the guides as below:-

First: Encourage people to sign-up under your lists.

The best thing that you can do to build and boost your mailing lists is offering people some valuable information that they really should know or item as a gift for subscribing to your mailing lists, for examples;

1. Give them a free report.
Give a free content that includes valuable information about your business idea, profiles, how it works, benefits, products and so on for your target subscribers. For example, if you are promoting e-books, you can give the e-book synopsis or summary for every e-book chapter and give them a few words why they should buy the products. If you give something that people can use, and it can bring the benefits to them, the chances for you to market your business is high and you can build a good connection with them. (Note: Don’t forget to leave your signature on the free report).

2. Offer coupons, discounts and etc.
The best way to encourage your visitors to join your lists. You told your visitors, only sign up member will receive a special offer by email. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can place the affiliate links special product offer within the e-mail body once they have joined your lists and don’t forget to introduce yourself first.

3. Do a contest.
You can use this way to boost signups. Beware, your subscribers may possibly not interest to buy your own products or any affiliate products and they just want something from you. But, you can still earn money with CPM ads if your blog or website receives a high volume of traffic per day. (Note: At least one thousand visitors per day).

Second: Create a squeeze page or landing page for a free report, newsletters and etc.

The purpose of creating a squeeze page is, of course, to get visitors to subscribe to your lists. A good squeeze page must have:-

~~ An influential page headline.
~~ Include text or video about your offer (Note: Provide product benefits).
~~ The advantages of joining your lists.
~~ Sign-up form (Note: Ask your visitors to sign up to your list).

Once you get the real people who are interested in your product, your chances to make sales are high. If you want to build the people trust on your products, you should include a testimonial as a social proof.

Third: Send traffic to your squeeze page or landing page.

There are many ways that you can do to promote your business, like these:

>> Post your squeeze page’s link on social media. Use a persuasive headline on your post.
>> Advertise your squeeze page on PTC sites like Clixsense, Neobux and etc.
>> Advertise your squeeze page on traffic exchanges. (Note: Not all products can be sold in traffic exchanges and people only want credits and traffic to their sites. Best program can be promoted is TE Profits).
>> Use PPC advertising network like Google AdWords, Bing and etc. Before you invest your money on PPC network, you must learn how to set up ad campaign first to avoid you losing your money. (Note: Wealthy Affiliate provides the lessons how to create a successful ad campaign and it’s good for you to gain your knowledge in PPC advertising).
>> Link it to the blog posts.
>> Put in within your e-mail signature and much more.

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