Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Advertise on ClixSense?

Two ways you can do to advertise your ads on Clixsense:
>> Submit a PTC advert
>> Advertise on ClixGrid

Submit a PTC advert

To submit your new PTC advert, follow the steps below:

1. Under ‘Advertise’ menu, click ‘Manage My PTC advertising’.
2. Click ‘Buy’ to buy ‘Ad Credits’. (Note: Skip this step if you already have ‘Ad Credits’)
3. Click ‘Add’ to submit your PTC advert.
4. Once the ‘Ad Credits’ and ‘New PTC Adverts’ have been accepted, click ‘Assign Ad Credits to this Advert’.

Advertise on ClixGrid

To advertise your ads on ClixGrid, follow the steps below:

1. Under ‘ClixGrid’ menu, click ‘Buy Links’.
2. Enter the URLs of your sites and then, determine your budget. (Note: Start date depends on when your URLs are accepted)
3. Then, click the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button.

Advertising Tips on Clixsense:

If you have multiple programs to advertise on Clixsense and you want to save your budget, I recommend you to do these:

>> Join affiliate funnels and place your affiliate ID URL on the program page. (Note: This is an example of my affiliate funnels page)

>> Use rotator tools. (Note: EasyHits4U is providing a free rotator for you. In addition, as a free member, you can add up to 10 links for one rotator).

In addition, to optimize your business, you can use a link tracking tool to track your splash page or affiliate links. By using the tracking tool, you will know how many people click on your splash page or sign up on your squeeze page. Besides, you will also know where they are coming from. I recommend you to build two or more splash pages and then compare which one gives the best results. Then, you can use it to promote your business extensively. 

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