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Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Create a Good E-mail?

Here are the important keys to take into account when creating an e-mail:

E-mail title

When you come to e-mail marketing, the first thing you should think is how to make your subscribers to open your email and read it. Otherwise, your objective to promote your business will fail. Below are 3 tips to catch people’s attention:

>> Your subject title shouldn’t too long, retain it to a maximum of 50 characters.
>> Be specific and valuable.
>> Use words like ‘get the discount’, ‘get a coupon’, ‘want to make money online’ and etc. For example, “Get 61% membership discount and start earning today”.

E-mail body content

Just give the simple words and not too long. Tell your subscribers the advantages of joining your lists or the benefits that they can get either from the products or your business idea. It should be clear and easy for them to understand. In addition, you also can include a reasonable image like a flowchart image to describe your business idea within the e-mail body. Furthermore, please use point form to describe your products, idea and etc. You can use a box list, bullet list or arrow list within body content. So, it looks more visual. Please keep in mind, keep it short and avoid excessive information.

Call to action

You can use the action words like “Take Action”, “Grab this Chance”, “Download Now”, “Continue Reading”, “Start Now” and so on. Let say, you have two or more newsletters, you can use “Continue Reading” to send the traffic to your newsletters and don’t forget to place a reasonable blog link post within the newsletters. (Tips: Use call to action word early in the e-mail body).

Day and time

Do some research about your target customers and the time zone like what they are doing, their jobs and where they are living. All these information will help you to send your e-mail to your subscribers at the right time and the right place. Time is money.

Tips: Before you send the e-mail to your target audiences, please test it first by sending it to your e-mail address. Try to open it using your PC, smartphone, tablet and etc. Is it responsive or not? In other hands, you can also check your e-mail again and re-edit it if you’re not satisfied.

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