Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Boost Website Conversion Rates? –Part 1

Conversion rate (CR), what does it mean? The conversion rate is the number of hits your site receives that convert to a sale. Let say, if 100 visitors visit your site in one month and 1 person bought a product, so, you have a 1% CR. There are lots of things you can do to boost your website conversion rates like these:

Introduce yourself

Just tell about yourself, experiences, past history and give more detailed info about your blog contents especially what kind of products or services you are promoting. The “About Us” page is a way to attract folks to visit your website and it is very helpful to build a connection between you and your audiences.

Your website should include with privacy policy

A ‘Privacy Policy’ page is very important to ensure folks know their personal info is secure and will not be sold to a third party. It should be easy to understand and easy to read.    

Website layout

Layout and colour: If a background colour is white, you should use a dark font and do not apply the background colour that clash with the font colour. Make sure your audiences can read your website contents. In addition, you can also do colour theme research to find the colour that matches with your business type or a view that you want to show to your audiences. For example, you can use blue colour to symbolise a confidence, professionalism, loyalty and peace.      

Website templates or themes

Use SEO friendly themes and mobile responsive themes. Nowadays, the number of smartphone users has increased and you should aware about this.

Make your website easy to navigate

Create the menu into sections based on the topics that you want to share with your audiences. In addition, you can also place the label widget, category widget, tags and etc. either on the left side or right side or at the bottom of your website.

Post Headline

The first thing the folks see when they reach your site. To attract people attention, make sure the headline is interesting, valuable and unique. In addition, you only have 3 to 10 seconds to grab people’s attention before they decide to exit the page. Remember, there are three main components to create a powerful headline like these; i. Ask a question to your visitor. This is a way to attract the visitors’ attention and encourage them to read your page contents, ii. Give an introduction about your page. For example, you can provide a doubt by saying that they may lose something important if they are not taking any actions, and iii. Give a benefit.

Headline examples:

Offer coupon or discount or free gift

Offer an incentive can help you to boost a sale. A discount or coupon code allows your customers to get some percentage off of the total product purchase they pay. This is a good way to encourage people to buy the product and then, increase conversion rates.

Be partner with a good company

Join affiliate program or network that can give satisfaction to you. A good affiliate program provides training and support in order to help you to promote their products or services. In addition, you also get paid on a timely. Furthermore, you should do some research either the product or service meets customer needs or not. Don’t forget to check the company reputation either good or bad.

Join forum community

The best way to find the niche groups who have interested in your products or services. Most people are looking for the answers to their problems and you should take this chance to promote yourself. What you need to do is, post valuable contents include with your link.

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