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Monday, October 10, 2016

AdKreator – How Easy to Brand Yourself

What is AdKreator? AdKreator is a web-based tool used to design a splash page, banner and squeeze page. AdKreator is easy to use and this tool allows the user to create an own design with thousands of templates, clip art, and graphics. This tool is popular among pro surfers, mailer members, and PTC clickers.

What AdKreator can do?

1. AdKreator server will host your splash page and squeeze page (Note: The squeeze page only available for upgrade member). No need for you to buy web hosting packages to place your pages on the internet.

2. Can help online marketers who do not have the skills or abilities to create their own advertising graphics.

3. Allow you to create the unique advertising design. Furthermore, you can simply upload your pictures from your PC and edit everything you like. Most of the pro surfers told me that the people who are actively in traffic exchanges (TE) tend more to click the unique ads design compare to the common designs that you get from the programs you join.

4. For upgrade members only, Adkreator allows you to add auto-responder code used to build your mailing lists.

5. Allow you to add your own video and shows off your design on Facebook or Twitter.   

How AdKreator System Works?

AdKreator requires flash to run with JAVA enabled on your browser. Ensure you have flash enabled.

AdKreator Benefits

1. Save your advertising budgets: No need to hire a pro graphic designer, no need web hosting.

2. Save your time and money. No need for you to learn and buy expensive software like Photoshop. (Note: The outcomes only available for online advertising)

3. Train your brain becomes more creative. The owners provide you video tutorials how to create pro viewing designs on your own ads. In addition, the instructions are easy to understand and you need to follow the steps given for better understanding.

4. You can grow your subscriber lists.

Adkreator Prices

Platinum Account: Only $9.97 per month.
Business Account: Only $19.95 per month.
Corporate Account: Only $29.95 per month.

My Opinion

AdKreator is a right solution to your own ads design needs. In TE, safe lists and other advertising platforms, time is a very important and you only have 3 to 20 seconds to capture peoples’ attention. So, the splash page headlines, texts and ‘call to action’ link should be clear and easy to understand. AdKreator is a good tool for you to design an eye-catching splash page, grow your subscriber lists, get direct referrals, make a sale and etc.

Tips: Not all products can be sold in traffic exchanges, you need to find a right product and TE Profits is a good product to promote in TE. Why? Because all of TE members need credits for their site, they want to build their list and they want to make money online. TE Profits will show you how to earn more credits with less surfing, turns traffic into money and much more. In addition, once you join TE Profits, you will get your own idea how to earn money online with TE, PTC, and other services. Of course, you need AdKreator to brand yourself and grow your business.

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