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Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Get More Direct Referrals for PTC Sites? - Part 2

Join affiliate funnel.

This program allows you to promote the various money making programs includes PTC, traffic exchange (TE) and so on that you own in one page. Once you have setup your programs, what you need to do is send the traffic to your affiliate funnel link and see what happen next. In addition, downline builder also can help you to get referrals for the other traffic exchange programs, safelists programs and recommended marketing tools. What you need to do is enter your affiliate ID into the box and then, click update referral ID button. If you’re not a TE member, you can join the TE programs later. See, only with one place, it gives you various profit streams and free traffic for life.

Advertise affiliate links on Traffic Exchanges.

There are lots of traffic exchanges in internet marketing services industry like Easyhits4u, RealHitz4u, Hitsafari, Soaring4traffic, Tezak Power Traffic, Hit2Hit, Traffic-Splash and so on that you can join for free. To advertise your affiliate links on TE, you need the credits either by viewing other members’ ads sites or buy the credits. To save your time, money and credits, the affiliate funnel is the answer. Only with a single link, you’re done.

Extra information: If you like surfing, why not you join TE Profits. It is owned by Scott Douglas. He reveals his secret how to turn the traffic into money with less surfing and it’s a good program to join.

Join safelists.

What are safelists? Safelifts is one of advertising platforms that allow safelists members to exchange e-mail advertisements with the other members. Here, you need to be creative to promote your affiliate links. For example, you can come out with your own idea how to earn big money online with PTC sites. You can combine several PTC sites with other programs or platforms or everything you like as long as your idea makes sense. You need to attract Safelists members to open your e-mail with an influential subject line. 

Join vTrafficRush.

As a member, you can setup your own ads. Then, promote your ads page and your ads will be spotted at the first position. What I like about vTrafficRush is when people join vTrafficRush under you, your ads also will be seen on their pages. So, the chances for you to get referrals are high. Go to traffic calculator to see how many times your ads will be shown when more people join under you.

Advertise your affiliate links to the other PTC site.

For example, if you are Clixsense member, you should place your Clixsense affiliate link to other PTC sites like Neobux, Buxvertise, Clixten and etc.

How to get direct referrals? - Part 1.

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